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Concrete Slabs, Footings, Foundations

Welcome to Competitive Concrete, home of high quality concrete construction at the best prices in the region. At Competitive Concrete we offer concrete construction and concrete removal services for residential and commercial clients. We can do everything from simple sidewalk repairs to complete footings and foundations for new homes or additions, as well as full basements and even garages. We also provide stamped and stained concrete, custom decorative concrete, and much more! This is our page on concrete slabs, footings, and foundations.

Different Types of Foundations

Concrete Slab Foundations

Slab foundations can go by many names: concrete slabs, ground-bearing slabs and spread footings. The term "slab foundation" is most accurate because the slab is nothing more than a thick building envelope on the ground - where you want your structure to be supported. It has no structural function like a footing or pier, but rather a foundational design that can easily transfer a building's weight to the soil.

A slab foundation is simple and inexpensive, while providing adequate support for most residential construction, especially where the weather is moderate all year round. However, it does have limitations; the most notable of which is its inability to handle soils with high water content or expansive soils (those which tend to expand and contract with temperature changes). Floors supported by such soils may crack over time.

Basement Foundation

A basement foundation is quite different from a slab; it's typically used on new construction where the building has to be raised off of the ground - making it more difficult and expensive than simply placing your new structure right on top of the soil. Even adding just a concrete slab must first remove all vegetation, install very deep footings (8'-12' or more), and pour a deep footing pad. A pad of compacted gravel is installed under the concrete slab for added drainage, and finally a concrete slab is poured on top of this entire base.

The word "basement" shouldn't automatically put you off, however; it's simply a generic term that refers to any area of your house that isn't on the main level. While "basement" is often used to describe dark, damp spaces with low ceilings (which are actually called "cellars"), many modern basements are perfectly dry and light, offering an excellent space for bedrooms, living rooms or even home offices!

Crawl Space Foundation

The term "crawlspace" refers to an underneathy space that's not fully enclosed; this is typically reached through a trapdoor of some type, and serves as an area for running mechanicals like duct work and utilities. Some crawlspaces are open to the ground (designed that way because they're fairly small and shallow), and others may be completely closed off by concrete walls on all sides - offering more protection from rodent intrusion.

Crawlspaces must be properly designed and installed, as they can lead to a number of serious problems if they're not prepared correctly. A concrete crawlspace foundation is a good choice for a shallow crawlspace, but may still present issues with ground moisture or insects. If you have an enclosed crawlspace - one with concrete walls on all sides - you may want to consider adding a sump pump and drainage tiles, so that any groundwater or rainwater drains away from your home's foundation.

Pier Foundation

Pier foundations support a building by way of piers which extend down from the foundation and project several feet beyond the footprint of the house. These pillars will typically go down to bedrock (a layer of solid rock such as limestone), or to a depth where they once again meet soil that is firmly packed and will not shift when exposed to freezing temperatures

Concrete Footings & Foundations

A footing is a type of substructure that supports the weight of structures and buildings and transfers the load to the ground beneath it, usually to a pad of dense compacted crushed rock or coarse sand. Footings are usually made of reinforced concrete or masonry. Footings act as an anchor for the structure, transferring the load down to stable soil below. Concrete footings can be made in any shape that fits the design needs. Stepped footings are commonly used in basement construction when the foundation is below grade. As with the rest of the foundation types, footings are an integral component of many types of foundations.

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At Competitive Concrete we specialize in the installation and construction of strong, sturdy foundations that will stand up well to even the toughest weather conditions. We offer a complete line of concrete foundation and slab services, and we have a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who can help you to design and build a strong foundation for your next project - whether it's a new home or an addition onto an existing building. Contact us today!



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Competitive Concrete Contractors is all about creating the strongest, most beautiful concrete structures and forms for your home or commercial location. Whether you're looking to add on a stamped concrete patio or outdoor living space in the backyard, add or replace your driveway, or have epoxy floor coatings done, we can create something that fits perfectly with what's going on around it and meets any specifications needed. With us you'll find cash discounts, financing options, and more. Few contractors in the country, much less the Greater Vancouver area, work harder than us to deliver amazing customer experiences.



The quoting stage is fairly straight forward but shouldn't be underestimated. So many bad reviews and negative press could be avoided if more contractors took the time to truly listen to their customers. At CCC, we prioritize listening to you so we fully understand 1) What you want, 2) What's in the budget, 3) How we're going to make those two things match so we can fully match goals, expectations, and results. This is the only way to do it to predictably get great results and amazing reviews from our customer base. 



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Most companies say that every job is equally important, but the truth is that a $300 step isn't the same as a $30,000 project that incorporates slab work, stamped concrete, stains, decoration, etc. But with a great concrete contractor that doesn't mean your $300 step is going to suck. With the right company, there will be plenty of catches to make sure every job, small or big, is completed at or above your expectations. The review process is how we insure that happens with each and every customer of ours.