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Epoxy Floor Coatings

Competitive Concrete is one of the leading epoxy flooring companies in the greater Vancouver area. We pride ourselves on providing local customers with exceptional products and quality service. Our company is determined to become the industry leader in epoxy floor coating, so it is our goal to ensure that all jobs are completed accurately and efficiently, and that our customers love the beautiful epoxy floors we create for them.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy flooring is a very durable and affordable surface option that can help to protect your kitchen, bathroom, basement, garage or any other area of the house. It is typically made up of two components: resin (part A) and hardener (part B). Once combined together, it will begin to form an extremely strong chemical bond with your floor, creating a smooth and lustrous surface that will not peel or chip.

Epoxy Floor Coatings vs. Traditional Floor Paint

Although epoxy coating serves the same purpose of traditional paint (i.e., to create an aesthetic finish for your floor), it is very different in terms of application and composition. For one, there are over 100 different types of epoxy floor coatings, which often come in powder form (much like drywall). By contrast, traditional paints can be applied much more easily. Coatings must also be applied to the entire floor, using a trowel or an electric machine; once painted with paint, however, you can simply apply it to specific areas. Epoxy floor coatings should be applied in a temperature of around 10-13 degrees Celsius and can take up to two days to dry, whereas conventional paints will dry in a matter of hours.

How Thick Should the Coating Be for an Epoxy Floor?

Because epoxy flooring is much thicker than traditional paint, it typically lasts longer and provides a more durable surface for your floor. Depending on the type of epoxy you choose, the thickness can vary between two millimeters to four millimeters. Typically, however, our epoxy coating technicians will apply three coats of epoxy with an approximate total thickness of five millimeters per coat once finished.

What are Some Advantages of Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coating is extremely beneficial in that it protects your floor from scuff marks and scratches, making it a useful product to use in high-traffic areas such as garages. Due to its strength and durability, epoxy coating also makes your floors more slip-resistant; this ensures their safety even when wet. Finally, epoxy flooring is extremely low maintenance; not only does it require no waxing or polishing (not even with fresh spills), but should you decide to redo your floor coating in the future, the process will only take a few hours to complete.

What Can You Expect from Our Epoxy Floor Coating Company?

At Competitive Concrete, we offer the highest quality products at the most affordable prices. This means that you can have beautiful epoxy flooring without breaking your budget. It also means that our team of experienced technicians will take great care to ensure that your floor coating is completed on time and precisely to your specifications and to match your vision!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do epoxy floors last?

Epoxy coating typically last 2-3, and in some cases even longer. This is mainly dependent on the product you choose and the amount of stress it undergoes over time (i.e., foot traffic, spillage).

Why should I have epoxy coating applied to my garage?

Because garages are known for being particularly harsh environments filled with chemicals and spills, it is important that the surface you apply the coating onto is entirely clean. By having your garage floor coated, you will protect it from dirt and potential stains.

What are some other uses for epoxy coating?

Epoxy coatings are used for a range of applications, including garage floors, commercial kitchen floors, garages, retail establishments where spills are common (i.e., grocery stores), basements and more!

Are epoxy floors a good idea?

That depends on your situation, but epoxy floor coatings are beautiful and strong and we would say yes, they're worth it. Epoxy flooring is a great investment for any type of busines or home, as it protects the floor from scuffs and other damage (i.e., chemical spills), which means you won't have to spend time and money redoing your floor or hiring someone to repair any damages that may occur to your floor.

Is epoxy flooring cheaper than tiles?

When comparing between epoxy coating and tiles, the price will vary depending on the size of your floor. Most people find that, while it may seem more expensive at first glance because it is newer technology, these floors actually save them money in the long run because they are stronger and require little to no maintenance.

Do epoxy floors scratch easily?

No, epoxy floors do not scratch easily. Epoxy coating is extremely durable and hard to the touch; it even provides a protective quality over thicker substrates like concrete! This means that your floors can withstand whatever you put them through (including cars) without sustaining any damage.

How much does it cost to epoxy a concrete floor?

The cost to epoxy a concrete floor will depend on the size of your floor. We can provide you with an accurate estimate once we finish inspecting and assessing your garage, retail establishment or other space.



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Competitive Concrete Contractors is all about creating the strongest, most beautiful concrete structures and forms for your home or commercial location. Whether you're looking to add on a stamped concrete patio or outdoor living space in the backyard, add or replace your driveway, or have epoxy floor coatings done, we can create something that fits perfectly with what's going on around it and meets any specifications needed. With us you'll find cash discounts, financing options, and more. Few contractors in the country, much less the Greater Vancouver area, work harder than us to deliver amazing customer experiences.



The quoting stage is fairly straight forward but shouldn't be underestimated. So many bad reviews and negative press could be avoided if more contractors took the time to truly listen to their customers. At CCC, we prioritize listening to you so we fully understand 1) What you want, 2) What's in the budget, 3) How we're going to make those two things match so we can fully match goals, expectations, and results. This is the only way to do it to predictably get great results and amazing reviews from our customer base. 



After the details have been worked out and the plans set, there's only one thing left to do. We'll follow the agreed upon plan closely and if any changes need to be made, you will be consulted beforehand to ensure everything is the way you want it when the project is done. We've learned that nothing replaces good old fashioned communication so if this is a project with many steps and a longer time frame than a simple step, sidewalk, or smaller project, we promise to keep you up to date and in the loop with all major steps. 



Most companies say that every job is equally important, but the truth is that a $300 step isn't the same as a $30,000 project that incorporates slab work, stamped concrete, stains, decoration, etc. But with a great concrete contractor that doesn't mean your $300 step is going to suck. With the right company, there will be plenty of catches to make sure every job, small or big, is completed at or above your expectations. The review process is how we insure that happens with each and every customer of ours.