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Competitive Concrete Contractors is the fastest growing Vancouver based concrete contractor for a reason. Excellent craftsmanship and reliable results you can count on. With our competitive prices and superior materials, you can trust that your project will be done right and at a great price – guaranteed.

Competitive Concrete Contractors is the “one-stop shop” for all your concrete needs. With a team skilled in demolition, formwork, and finishing, we can ensure that our commitment to quality is present throughout every stage of your job. If you want to leave your project in capable hands, then you should consider CCC first. With our many years of experience and a highly experienced team, we can take care of driveways, walkways, decorative stamped cement floors for indoors or outdoors spaces, including patios and water-resistant countertops like slabs.

Our process is straight forward, our prices are more than competitive, and our work speaks for itself. If you're in need of concrete, reach out today for your free quote. We're always available to answer questions and to provide quotes.

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Competitive Concrete Contractors is all about creating the strongest, most beautiful concrete structures and forms for your home or commercial location. Whether you're looking to add on a stamped concrete patio or outdoor living space in the backyard, add or replace your driveway, or have epoxy floor coatings done, we can create something that fits perfectly with what's going on around it and meets any specifications needed. With us you'll find cash discounts, financing options, and more. Few contractors in the country, much less the Greater Vancouver area, work harder than us to deliver amazing customer experiences.



The quoting stage is fairly straight forward but shouldn't be underestimated. So many bad reviews and negative press could be avoided if more contractors took the time to truly listen to their customers. At CCC, we prioritize listening to you so we fully understand 1) What you want, 2) What's in the budget, 3) How we're going to make those two things match so we can fully match goals, expectations, and results. This is the only way to do it to predictably get great results and amazing reviews from our customer base. 



After the details have been worked out and the plans set, there's only one thing left to do. We'll follow the agreed upon plan closely and if any changes need to be made, you will be consulted beforehand to ensure everything is the way you want it when the project is done. We've learned that nothing replaces good old fashioned communication so if this is a project with many steps and a longer time frame than a simple step, sidewalk, or smaller project, we promise to keep you up to date and in the loop with all major steps. 



Most companies say that every job is equally important, but the truth is that a $300 step isn't the same as a $30,000 project that incorporates slab work, stamped concrete, stains, decoration, etc. But with a great concrete contractor that doesn't mean your $300 step is going to suck. With the right company, there will be plenty of catches to make sure every job, small or big, is completed at or above your expectations. The review process is how we insure that happens with each and every customer of ours. 

Our Services

Residential Concrete

Competitive Concrete Limited has revolutionized Burnaby’s concrete industry through its innovative and modern technology. We continuously strive to set new standards of the longevity, reliability, and quality of our constructed features. At our concrete company, we’ll turn your dream of a beautiful outdoor area into a reality. We specialize in building decorative stamped concrete, concrete driveways, walkways, or any type of concrete structure on your property.

Our service will handle anything from concrete repair to delivering all kinds of concrete masonry services while ensuring the highest standards of our service. We are fully insured and licensed, so when you work with us, you’ll be sure about the quality of our service. We perfectly understand how disappointing it can be to have your insurance claim denied after a substandard concrete contractor mishandled the job wasting your money and time.

We will always exceed the expectations of our clients! Our company has a proven history of providing quality service. Our professional team is ever ready to help you with your project. At Competitive Concrete Contractors, we believe in honesty, transparency, and fairness in our dealings with all our clients.

If you are looking to have trendy stamped concrete driveways, luxurious concrete patios, or a quick concrete repair, partner with Competitive Concrete Contractors today. We’re the best Burnaby has to offer.

Commercial Concrete

Our concrete company is renowned in Burnaby for being the most trusted concrete service with a reliable and professional team that can do it all. expert craftsmanship, modern equipment, reliable warranties, premium service quality, and affordable prices have helped us become one of the top concrete companies in the whole country!

Our vision is to provide outstanding concrete services to all our customers and go beyond their expectations. We are renowned as one of the best concrete companies in the entire country and that’s a reputation that we never fail to live up to! Our expert professionals will execute your project without causing any disturbance to the surroundings. With numerous accreditations and certifications, we can handle anything. From constructing concrete driveways, walkways, and curbings to constructing concrete beautiful patios and retaining walls – just let us know what your dream is and we will turn it into a reality!


A visually appealing and beautiful concrete driveway is a great first impression for guests visiting your home. You may ask what is that factor that makes our concrete company so different from other concrete services in Burnaby. If you’ll work with us, our service will incorporate a range of color schemes, designs, and patterns to perfectly match the existing landscape of your house. As the best of all Burnaby concrete companies, we’ll aim to make your regular or stamped concrete driveway blend in seamlessly with the rest of your residence.

Exposed aggregate and stamped concrete are a dynamic duo that’s most commonly used in building or repairing concrete driveways. At Competitive Concrete Contractors, our team has mastered the most efficient and cost-effective methods for concrete driveway restoration. Our proven work history is the reason why we are known as the best in the business today. If you want us to give a new life to your damaged or deteriorated concrete driveway then our company is just a call away.

Walkways & Sidewalks

A professionally installed concrete walkway will make any outdoor space more pleasurable for pedestrians while increasing the financial value of your property. Additionally, concrete walkways, footpaths, and pathways also act as protection for pedestrians against buses and cars that could go off-road during high traffic times. When installed correctly, they enhance overall livability in an area with even happier residents|The concrete walkways that we will design for you are going to give a comfortable walking experience while adding value to your property. Walkways and footpaths are important safety measures as they act as a safeguard for pedestrians from high speeding vehicles that inadvertently go off the road. Professionally designed walkways and pathways are extremely important for the protection of those who live in the area|Concrete walkways and pathways are a lot more than just a safety feature. Creatively built pathways, footpaths, and concrete walkways add to the aesthetics of your outdoor area while protecting the pedestrians from the traffic on road.

We’re the best among all Burnaby concrete companies. Our designs and techniques have gained popularity for being the trendiest and artful. Say goodbye to your dull and boring surroundings because concrete walkway contractors of Burnaby will skillfully transform your pathways and walkways with a flair.

Decorative Concrete & Stamped Concrete

Decorative Stamped Concrete as a styling technique is somewhat underrated but it truly adds a unique style to your outdoor space. You can completely transform your outdoor space by adding one or two features using decorative stamped concrete. All you need to do is just to call the most reliable and trusted concrete company and schedule a free inspection.

When it comes to concrete designing, a straightforward pattern can be executed by adding different dyes or color stains to the concrete but for a design that completely stands out, decorative stamped concrete is your best choice! Exposed aggregate, if applied correctly, helps in creating multiple sediment layers with the additional advantage of enhanced grip for all those who walk over it!

Are you looking for a reliable Burnaby stamped concrete service that is also competitively priced? Don’t worry, all you need to do is get in touch with Competitive Concrete Contractors, the best Burnaby stamped concrete service, and take advantage of our top-notch decorative concrete services available at very economical rates|We are the highest-rated stamped concrete service in Burnaby. Our company offers premium quality stamped concrete services at very competitive rates|If you are looking] for a professional Burnaby stamped concrete service that is affordable and reliable then call us right now! Our top-rated decorative concrete services are available at competitive rates and without any compromise on the work standards.

Slabs & Footings

Even though it may seem very common and insignificant, a concrete slab is one of the most important pieces of architecture. Being so critical for the structural strength of any building, the concrete slabs have to be strong and durable as they have to endure extreme pressure and temperature variations. Concrete slabs are typically used to construct floors and roofs. At the base, the concrete slabs are placed on subsoil and then further secured using reinforcing bars or welded wire mesh. At our company, we offer a wide range of concrete to choose from. When you partner with us, you’ll not have to settle for the same old traditional concrete slab styles.

We always use fully virgin aggregate as it gives additional support and strength to keep the entire structure above it safe and secure. We perform out all kinds of concrete slab installation, repairs, and maintenance jobs so that you don’t have to go to several concrete services to execute a single project. For bookings and appointments, contact Competitive Concrete Contractors today, the top-rated residential and commercial concrete contractors in Burnaby.

Patios and Garages

A stamped concrete patio is a must-have on your property! Concrete, for its durability and versatility, is the medium of choice when designing patios. A professionally constructed concrete patio will add to the overall aesthetics of your property. It’s the ideal place for a relaxing outdoor breakfast in the summer while soaking up the sun with family and friends.

From simple concrete patios having a small seating area to full-fledged outdoor kitchens, our skilled contractors will build a stunningly beautiful patio as per your desire. We love doing all types of concrete jobs but building patios is one of our most favorite jobs as it gives us a chance to witness our client’s vision come alive. Being the best among all residential & commercial concrete contractors in Burnaby, we know that concrete is the best building material for patios as, with, wood incurs additional maintenance costs (like termite treatment and polishing) and can start to rot easily too.

Concrete Sealing and Repair

Concrete is a tough and durable material but it might need occasional repairs as, with time, it can become deteriorated because of everyday wear and tear. It can even start to wear away because of temperature variations and the accumulation of rainwater. Breakage and cracks are quite common in garages, driveways, and parking lots giving a shabby look to an otherwise good-looking outdoor space.

We are offering all kinds of home and commercial concrete services that include concrete sealing, repair, and maintenance. Our expert technicians are well-versed and experienced in carrying out concrete sealing & repair on stamped concrete patios, concrete driveways, or a backyard having heavy concrete slabs. We also carry out epoxy concrete repair and maintenance of stamped concrete in Burnaby. Simply call us and book an appointment!

Epoxy Flooring and Epoxy Coatings

Epoxy flooring is one of the easiest ways to add a bit of flair and personality to your outdoor space. No matter if you are looking for home or commercial concrete services, we have all the resources to execute any project involving concrete work successfully. The epoxy floor services we provide come with a piece of expert advice from our qualified team of professionals so that you can get the best out of your outdoor space|Epoxy flooring adds a bit of flair to an outdoor area. At Competitive Concrete Contractors, we deliver both home and commercial concrete services. In addition to our Epoxy Floor services, you’ll get a one-on-one consultation with our experts who will design and build your dream outdoor space for you|Epoxy floors are an excellent option if you are looking for a bit more elegance in your outdoor space as they can be made in many different colors and designs as per your preference. Epoxy can be applied to any type of surface, from sidewalks to concrete floors. Our Epoxy Flooring experts will guide and assist you at every step of the way and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Whether you’re looking for residential or commercial concrete services, contact Competitive Concrete Contractors of Burnaby right now and we’ll start with your project in no time.

Our company delivers all kinds of concrete services including epoxy flooring in Burnaby. Our premium quality workmanship is going to make your property look more appealing and increase its overall value. You can place your trust in Competitive Concrete Contractors as we’ve got all the experience and skills required to provide the best solutions at very economical rates.

Retaining Walls

With real estate prices rising higher than ever before, you must make use of every inch of your outdoor area to get the most out of what you have. Concrete retaining walls are a perfect way to increase the useful area of your back or front yard as they flatten the landscape while making additional room for gardening. A concrete retaining wall at the right place will minimize erosion and also makes maintenance a lot easier.

A concrete retaining wall is a very strong and sturdy structure that is going to withstand mother nature's most powerful forces. While a retaining wall can be a bit challenging to build, the benefits of having such a reliable structure in your yard are certainly worth the effort and costs. Being the best among all Burnaby concrete companies, we will erect a concrete retaining wall that will be aesthetically pleasing and practical as well|A concrete retaining wall is incredibly strong and durable. It is robust enough to put up quite a fight against mother nature’s most powerful forces. It may be a bit challenging to build, but as a safety structure, it’s worth all the cost and effort. If you are looking to get a concrete retaining wall then don’t worry about the construction part as the With years of experience in building all kinds of concrete structures, we’ll make sure that your sloped outdoor area stays intact and can withstand mother nature’s most powerful forces. Most of the Burnaby concrete companies do not specialize in building concrete retaining walls as it requires a lot of skill and technical knowledge. Our professional concrete experts will not only build one for you but also ensure that it increases the overall beauty of your property by blending in seamlessly with the existing theme.

Outdoor Living Spaces

At our concrete company, we create a personalized outdoor environment by incorporating all types of designs and art created with concrete. Our personalized concrete features include staircases, pathways, retaining walls, patios, surrounds, and many more. We design and execute ideas to blend everything seamlessly into your existing theme or as the main attraction of your outdoor living space.

Competitive Concrete Contractors is the best Burnaby commercial concrete service but our residential concrete services are equally good! We have highly skilled concrete polishing contractors who are going to transform your outdoor living space into an amazingly beautiful place that you’ll fall in love with. Get in touch with us to discuss your project further.


Rainwater accumulation is a serious problem Burnaby as it can adversely affect the foundations and ceiling of your property if left untreated for a long time. Our concrete company provides reliable concrete waterproofing services that will ensure that your building remains safe from any kind of water damage.

When you use your basement as storage, a rented place, or to host your family and friends – water can cause a lot of issues. Fortunately, the expert professionals at Competitive Concrete Contractors are certified in handling all kinds of waterproofing services. Contact us and we will provide you with a free consultation about the nature of the issue and all its possible solutions.

There are numerous cheap concrete companies in Burnaby but you must never compromise on the standard of the service, especially when it can seriously affect the structural strength of your home or office. Call us right now for a free inspection and let our professional experts do the job!


Our concrete masonry services division provides professional and reliable services including all types of concrete repair, curbing, stamping, flatwork, and staining foundations. Our consultations help us to understand and accordingly manage our client’s requirements. At the same time, we get to see the area that needs concrete masonry work. Being the best concrete contractors in Burnaby, our skilled masons provide the highest standards of service while ensuring an efficient turnaround time for all projects. We’re rightly famous for completing our job and clearing the area within the stipulated deadline.

If you want to know more about us or what type of concrete contracting services we provide and how quickly we will do it for you, feel free to contact us and discuss your project with the best Burnaby concrete contractors|Our concrete masonry division offers professional all kinds of services such as concrete repair, curbing, flatwork, stamping, and staining foundations. Our work starts with a detailed inspection of your property after which we will suggest you the best possible solution. We have the most experienced concrete masons in Burnaby and our prices are very economical too|Unlike most of the other concrete contracting services, we are very serious about the standard of our work and its timely delivery]! That is why we are known as the best Burnaby concrete contractors. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

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